6 reasons to study English

6 reasons to study English

26.04.2022 0 Автор Маргарита

Each new language opens up new possibilities for us. The more languages ​​a person knows, the freer he feels. Today, finding language courses to improve your knowledge is not a problem. However, you should be responsible for the choice, because the result will depend on the professionalism of your teachers.

StudyId will offer profitable options for your rapid development in the field of English.

Knowledge of English allows:

  • Read original scientific articles, books, conference results. This is especially important for those who work in the field of science. Doctors, engineers and other specialists will be able to get acquainted with the achievements of their foreign colleagues and use them in their work. It also helps when writing scientific papers, because it will be possible to add sources in English to the list of references.
  • Communicate freely with business partners. A specialist who is not only well versed in his field, but also speaks English becomes especially valuable. This increases personal competitiveness and promotes career growth.
  • Meet and communicate with foreigners for personal purposes. Good acquaintances and friends around the world are a great opportunity to practice the language and to get to know new cultures. Perhaps in this way you can find a life partner.
  • Travel without problems. Buying a tour, you can go to almost any country even without knowing the language. But all the same, difficulties will arise when buying tickets for public transport, ordering food in cafes and restaurants, and finding the right sights. In independent travel, knowing the language is even more important, so English opens up this opportunity as well.
  • Watch your favorite movies and series in the original. This can be used both at the initial stage of learning (by adding subtitles), and after mastering its main steps. It is best to start with those films that have already been viewed previously in Russian. Knowing English will allow you to hear the voices of your favorite actors and see the picture as it really is (each voice acting interprets the characters’ lines in its own way).
  • Feel more comfortable in society. Knowledge of English can come in handy at any time. Knowing him, you will not get into awkward situations.